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Today, March 27th, I have sat down to write these brief lines about what we have been living during these last weeks and that, from my point of view, should help us all to reflect on life and on what we are...

Just a few weeks ago everything seemed under control, life was a torrent of activities, relationships and consumption. We all seemed tremendously happy and yet it was not so because no one was able to value what we have and what really matters. It is in these moments of reflection that you really think about happiness, and it is when you realize the force of nature that has been able to turn the world "upside down" in a few weeks. We are nothing, gentlemen.... A grain of sand in the desert, that's how it is....

But a grain of sand also has its meaning in the desert, and we must understand our role in it. We must flow with nature, not fight against it. Let us be respectful with it, in solidarity with others and let us eliminate our egos that destroy us and lead us to a society based on materialism and consumption. Let's give importance to time, let's enjoy life as plants do, year after year, those plants that one more year are about to sprout and give the best of themselves, with illusion, but with respect and humility.

These are hard times that are costing us all, but let us reflect a little and emerge stronger from this crisis with illusion and with the intention of flowing with nature and learning from it.

Courage and energy to all.

José B. Jiménez-Landi


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