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We have finished with the green pruning in our vineyards... A manual work that we do with love and with the aim of enhancing our fruit... our future wines. It is a technical work done with care in which we select the best shoots of each vine so that the nutrients and energy of the soil flow to our future clusters so that the grape expresses the best of our soils, our climate and our illusion...

This year we face a new challenge... an extremely dry year in which we see our plants "craving" water. A difficult year that reminds me of the 2009 vintage, a dry and warm vintage that made us fear warm, dense wines lacking in acidity (anyone would have thought so after tasting a Magnum of Ataulfos 2009 at Taberna Viavélez a few months ago, incredible!)

And yet... nature is wise and the vines have their own resources... resources that we are often unaware of and that are out of our reach but that show us that the vines are alive... that they think and that they adapt. These memories make me trust in the wisdom of the plants that with more than 60 years have more experience than us and know what to do and how to do it. .... We only have to understand them and help them.... But that will be in another chapter with our bio treatments....

From passion,

José B. Jiménez-Landi


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