Masks and wine

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Masks and wine, pby JLR

... When a seed falls on the earth that is full of life, of living beings, some as tiny as microorganisms, that work and help to try to maintain the Balance of Nature and that in time will give us a flower, a leaf, a fruit, it is for me a miracle of Nature and for which I give thanks every day that it is still like this ...

If our purpose is also to work and help to maintain this Balance, we must respect mother earth, without artificial additions, without breaking her structure, without hurting her, giving her the nutrients in a natural way to give her back what she gives us to maintain this Balance so that the earth can offer us the "Truth".

To continue respecting its evolution and its times, treating with delicacy and care the fruit during its elaboration, without additives that accelerate the process or rectifiers that act as "masks", working in consonance with those bacteria-yeasts of the fruit itself so that they continue with their natural ancestral process, with the only purpose of feeding us and that when we drink it, they continue working with our own bacteria of the organism, with the objective of protecting our cellular system and consequently our Health, I give THANKS to all those who work from humility with that purpose, in that way of the "Truth", in spite sometimes of the economic difficulties, because thanks to them who take care of us, where they do not put "masks", where they do not care what they will say, nor what score, evaluation or label will put on them, nor are they influenced by fashions, marketing....... but seek above all to respect the essence of nature to the final product, to continue with the Universal Balance that Mother Nature offers us at every moment...

"As living beings we are part of Nature, every moment of our daily life, we have the opportunity to choose between Truth or illusion, the truth of ourselves and the truth of our relationship with others, or the world of illusion of unreality, of the masks of the world or the masks we put on ourselves, but thanks to having the opportunity to choose we can choose the path of Truth, of not seeing masks, or of removing our masks by running those "veils" of fears, guilt ... no matter what we are told, no matter how we are valued or rated, no matter those limits that they try to make us believe ..... then is when we find our own essence of us, our Light, our Truth, like the very essence of wine without masks and like that of so many other diverse products that come to us to feed us and that thanks to all those artisans, who from humility and work, help maintain that Universal Balance,.."

THANK YOU to all of them and thank you to all of us who little by little, including myself, continue trying to take off those masks to fill the real world with light.



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