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LANDI VINOS Y VIÑEDOS S.L., a mercantile company of Spanish nationality and indefinite duration, domiciled in Madrid, legally constituted by deed granted on December 29, 2003, and duly registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, CIF B45551090 Contact: info@jimenezlandi.com

You should read the following terms and conditions carefully. Your purchase or use of our products and services implies that you have read the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, our users are requested not to use the material provided or existing as well as all types of products and services provided by www.jimenezlandi.com.

The use of such products and services implies your understanding and explicit acceptance of our terms and conditions of use. This implies that the copy of a logo, web, brochure, or other type of design or content sold by our company is presumed to be the responsibility of a third party who has incurred in crime causing not only damage to our company but also to the customer, if so we ask to be informed immediately so we can denounce such activities and to protect both our interests and those of our customers.

1. INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. The BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI website and any of the spaces, information, services or materials contained therein, whether texts, files, trademarks, logos, color combinations, or any other element, its structure and design, and the selection and form of presentation of the materials included therein, are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights, owned by LANDI VINOS Y VIÑEDOS SL hereinafter BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI, unless otherwise expressly established with respect to any content. The RECIPIENT may download, copy or print certain contents for his/her personal use or for study and analysis within his/her company or organization, exclusively. In any case, it is expressly forbidden any form, free or not, that constitutes commercial or mercantile activity or not, of distribution, exhibition, storage or hosting, publication or making available to third parties or to the general public, either by printed and material means, or by electronic means, of any content, in whole or in part, of the BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI website without the pertinent prior written authorization of BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI and reserves the right to prohibit any link or framing from another website to all or part of the spaces, information, services or materials contained in the WEBSITE. The RECIPIENT must abstain in any case to suppress, modify or manipulate any of the spaces, information, services or any other materials contained in the WEBSITE, as well as to alter, elude or annul any protection devices or security systems that could be installed in it. Our company periodically reviews both the WEBSITE and the Spanish and international commercial registers to detect copies and frauds. The detection of these activities is directly derived to our legal office to take the measures both penal and compensatory according to the case.

2. ANTI-SPAM POLICY. BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI implements for all its users mail filtering mechanisms based on shared non-commercial black lists and its own lists. Furthermore, the capture of e-mail addresses in any of our web pages for use as recipients of unsolicited mail (SPAM) may give rise to legal action by BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI against the advertiser. Any unsolicited message is captured and classified for study and may be used as evidence against the advertiser. Likewise, we have advanced firewall systems 100% guaranteed to avoid intrusions in our system and databases.

3. RETURN GUARANTEE. If any of our products is not in good condition or simply does not satisfy you, you can return it to us with complete peace of mind. If a bottle breaks during transport, BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI will send you a new one.

4. SECURE PAYMENT. Card payments are made through the 4B platform and are encrypted with SSL protocol to ensure maximum security. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

5. TRANSPORTATION. The contracted conditions are for a standard service (not urgent), with delivery during the day, from Monday to Friday and without prior notice. The transport rates include the transport of the products ordered, their packaging in boxes specially designed for transporting bottles, insurance against loss or breakage, as well as VAT in the territories where this tax is applied. Peninsular orders are delivered between 1 and 2 working days from the time of order. For the Balearic Islands, the delivery time is between 2 and 3 days. For mainland Spain the shipping rates are: 4,36 euros (1 Kg), 4,68 euros (2 Kg), 5,03 euros (3 Kg), 4,65 euros (5 Kg), 5,63 euros (10 Kg), 8,05 euros (15 Kg), 9,24 euros (20 Kg) and 10,28 euros (30 Kg). For the Balearic Islands the transport rates are: 12.97 euros (1 Kg), 12.97 euros (2 Kg), 14.33 euros (3 Kg), 14.33 euros (5 Kg), 17.64 euros (10 Kg), 20.93 euros (15 Kg), 20.93 euros (20 Kg) and 25.54 euros (30 Kg).

6. NATURE OF THE LEGAL RELATIONSHIP WITH BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI. YOU AND BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI contract as independent parties, without any intention to create and without these Terms of Use creating a partnership, a strategic alliance, an employer-employee, franchisor-franchisee relationship, or an agency agreement.

7. INTERPRETATION, APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION. The interpretation of the CONDITIONS as a whole will always be to the benefit of LANDI VINOS Y VIÑEDOS S.L. in such a way that, with respect to its rights, this will be an extensive interpretation, and with respect to its obligations and liability, a restrictive interpretation. These CONDITIONS are governed by Spanish law. LANDI VINOS Y VIÑEDOS S.L. and the RECIPIENT submit to the Courts and Tribunals of MADRID any dispute that may arise from the purchase of products and the provision of services through the WEBSITE, subject of these CONDITIONS, expressly waiving any other forum or jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

8. GENERAL CONDITIONS. BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI, to the extent that by means of this WEBSITE it provides free information by telematic means within the framework of a commercial activity, has the legal status of Service Provider. Individuals or legal entities that access or use any of the spaces, information, services or any other materials contained in this WEBSITE have the legal status of Recipients of the Services provided. BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI, in its capacity as Service Provider through this WEBSITE, is subject to the civil, criminal and administrative liability generally established in the legal system. This WEBSITE contains information prepared by BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI for the sole purpose of providing information on our products and services. Likewise, this information may be modified, developed, updated or deleted by BODEGAS JIMÉNEZ-LANDI unilaterally and without prior notice.


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