La pasión por el campo y sus viñas de todos los que formamos Bodegas Jiménez-Landi nos invita a compartir nuestras reflexiones sobre el vino, la ecología, la biodinámica, el mercado, etc. Con el deseo de difundir humildemente nuestras sensaciones sensaciones, experiencias y opinión creamos este espacio de Blog.

Masks and wine

The masks and the wine, by JLR ... When a seed falls on the earth that is full of life, of living beings, some as tiny as microorganisms, that work and help to try to maintain the Balance of Nature and that in time will provide us with a flower, a leaf, a fruit, it is [...]

Save the Fields

Salvemos los Campos Bodegas Jiménez-Landi is against the photovoltaic macro-projects, one of them of 2,000 hectares that threatens 23% of the municipality of Méntrida, a town in Castilla-La Mancha with a long tradition of wine production, where our winery is located and from which the Protected Designation of Origin Méntrida-Toledo, one of the oldest in the world, takes its name.

Universal Balance

Equilibrio Universal, by JLR I would like to share with the reader what the Universe of Wine has given me in my personal learning, that is, the land where it is born, the love of the people who work it with their hands, the natural environment where it is raised together with other plants and living beings in perfect symbiosis, [...]


We are already in the last days of June, starting a Summer that everyone expects to be dry and warm. Spring is behind us, an atypical Spring due to the confinement, but full of energy. This year, like all of us, we have enjoyed its goodness, the abundant rain and the mild temperatures, but also its destructive force with [...]

Sand grain

Today, March 27th, I have sat down to write these brief lines about what we have been experiencing during the last few weeks and that, from my point of view, should help us all to reflect on life and on what we are... Just a few weeks ago everything seemed under control, life [...]

Winter Pruning

We start 2020 with enthusiasm and energy. A year full of challenges that begins with one of the most beautiful tasks that are done in the field..... Winter pruning. The field is asleep, enduring the winter cold.... Everything goes out... It is picked up.... Winter pruning consists of eliminating the old wood [...]

Vines in Autumn

In autumn the yellow, ochre, red tones invade our vineyards after harvesting... The field shuts down. The grapes are already locked in the cellar and we prepare for the harsh winter that will soon arrive... This year, once again, we have learned things from nature... The winter was dry and cold, the [...]

Green pruning

We have finished with the green pruning in our vineyards... A manual work that we do with love and with the aim of enhancing our fruit... our future wines. It is a technical work done with care in which we select the best shoots of each vine so that the nutrients and energy of the [...]


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