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We are already in the last days of June, starting a summer that everyone expects to be dry and warm.

Spring is behind us, an atypical Spring due to the confinement, but full of energy. This year, like all of us, we have enjoyed its goodness, the abundant rain and mild temperatures, but also its destructive force with storms and some hail that unfortunately touched us slightly.

This year the vineyard is more alive than last year thanks to the rains of these months but, at the same time, fearful of the summer that will end up exhausting it.

We have had to work hard during this time of confinement helping our vines with treatments of horsetail, nettle and the biodynamic preparations that help the plant and its environment to find Balance... because nature is just that.... Balance....

And once again we must understand and respect the Balance that nature proposes to us and that we often forget immersed in our stressful lives. .....


From passion.

José B. Jiménez-Landi


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